American Association of Food Safety & Public Health Veterinarians

Dr. Gustavo Araya (pictured far right), Veterinary Officer of the Animal Health National Service of Costa Rica. He is  with senior veterinary students teaching them about Bovine Meat Inspection in a slaughterhouse in Costa Rica.

We have created a few  new opportunities to contribute to making our AAFSPHV website a great resource for all veterinarians.  These opportunities are as follows: 
  • Blog posts - this will be a very short discussion or informal article addressing public health or food safety topics in the current news. Please submit using this form

  • AAFSPHV Members in the News - please provide us with the link to your story in the newspapers, getting interviewed on a podcast/video, getting an award, etc. Please submit using this form

  • White Papers on Food Safety or Public Health - to display your deep knowledge and experience on the topics of food safety (including pet food safety) and public health. These papers are more formal than blog posts and may have some references, but are not as exhaustive as those of journal articles. Please submit using this form

  • Food Safety and Public Health Pictures and Videos - must include names of the people and a description in a few words. Please submit using this form

  • Links to the Journal Articles you have published. Please submit using this form